AS203729 and AS42615

AS203729 and AS42615 are utilized as two separate networks. They do not interconnect except via the public internet
(due to technical requirements, AS42615 may appear in the ASPATH for AS203729 announcements even though there is no AS42615 presence at a site).

Both ASNs are open to peer with all networks present on any mutual exchange.* PNIs are only available for peers that use 2 gbps or more (60th percentile).

AS203729 may be found on the following exchanges:

AS42615 may be found on the following exchanges:

AS203729's primary point of presence exists within Kansas City with edge locations in Frankfurt and Meppel.

AS42615's primary point of presence is a rack in Hurricane Electric's Fremont 2.

AS42615 has a looking glass which may be viewed here.

A geofeed for both ASNs may be found here.

General Policy

Both ASNs operate strict route filtering; filters are regenerated every 24 hours from RPKI/IRR. Prefixes smaller than a /24 (v4) or /48 (v6) will be filtered.

All RPKI-invalid prefixes will be filtered.

RPKI (on all prefixes except those provided by AMPRnet) and IRR entries are present for all announced prefixes (under the AS-SET AS-IGLOO22225). Static filters are used on all exported prefixes.

Neither AS42615 nor AS203729 are used as "research" or "experimental" networks. Both are responsible for production traffic (such as this website!).

Neither AS42615 nor AS203729 are interested in solicitation for IP transit, especially from networks that partition the internet.

*Neither AS42615 nor AS203729 will peer (or continue to peer) with networks that are known to base their business on hosting illegal (within the state of California or the United States) or unethical content.

General abuse reports: abuse at

DMCA agent: abuse at / Abuse Management, June Slater, PO Box 88, Fulton, CA, US, 95439 / +1.628-269-0000

Abuse cases submitted via e-mail will be dealt with swiftly. Abuse cases submitted via postal mail may be significantly delayed. For legal reasons, abuse cases may not be submitted by phone.