AS203729 is utilized as an infrastructure network. Announcements made by AS203729 are used for network infrastructure and network infrastructure support; no services are hosted on it. AS203729 interconnects with transits, AS42615, and on various internet exchanges, including:

AS203729 is open to peer with all networks present on any mutual exchange. AS203729 generally announces the same prefixes to the route server that are announced to direct peers; as a result, a direct session is often unnecessary.


AS42615 is utilized as an access network. Announcements made by AS42615 are used for both end-user access and hosting of content.

AS42615 interconnects with transits and AS203729. Direct peering is not available as all routes are generally announced through AS203729.

General Policy

Both ASNs operate strict route filtering; filters are regenerated every 24 hours from RPKI/IRR. Prefixes smaller than a /24 (v4) or /48 (v6) will be filtered.

RPKI (where able) and IRR entries are present for all announced prefixes (under the AS-SET AS-IGLOO22225). Static filters are used on all exported prefixes.

Neither AS42615 nor AS203729 are used as "research" or "experimental" networks. Both are responsible for production traffic (such as this website!).